When choosing the food to feed your family, the options are endless. From meal kit trends to Whole Foods to Walmart, Americans have a plethora of food choices at their disposal. But have you ever asked yourself — how do our food choices affect the world around us?

If not, no need ! We’ve got you covered.

Producing, shipping, and storing the fresh food that we buy at supermarkets actually has a wider spread impact than you may realize. Increased transportation, CO2 emissions, and even money circulation all are directly (and negatively) affected by the booming food supply industry. Buying food locally and supporting farmers in your area can actually have great benefits to the world around you.

Read on to learn 4 major benefits of choosing local, farm to table fresh food to feed and nourish your family.

1. Environmental Benefits: Reduced Transportation and Ethically Sourced Beef

The environmental benefits of buying locally sourced food is actually two-fold: Impact from Corporate Practices and Impact from Beef Practices.

Corporate Practices

Widespread food distribution has a significant impact on the environment. Corporate food production typically involves cutting costs above all else. This means that to produce, ship, and store your food as cheaply as possible, many of these corporate food production companies or farms are not using environmentally sound practices, while leaving a huge environmental footprint.

Beef Practices

Hormone use and nitrogen runoff from typical cattle raising practices can deplete water quality and grain fed cattle practices produce more greenhouse gas emissions than grass fed cattle. By allowing cows to graze on open pastures, farms that practice grass feeding cattle improve their soil quality, produce more oxygen from their grass, and help the environment by leaving open, non industrialized spaces.

Due to their size, smaller operations and local farmers already have a much smaller environmental footprint than corporate agriculture and can easily implement more sustainable practices, making them the clear choice for environmentally-friendly food sourcing. 

Not only does buying farm to table support environmentally ethical companies, but fossil fuels and gas consumption are reduced from less transportation and energy is reduced in the food storage process.

2. Save Energy & Reduce Co2 Emissions by Sourcing Locally

Whether in production, or in transportation and storage, food sourcing leaves a huge footprint. CO2 emissions from the food production industry account for up to 83% of our total emissions & the electricity needed to store food has an even larger impact on CO2 emissions than transport.

Energy use in the food industry makes up about 10% of America’s total energy use, with almost one fifth of that energy coming from non-renewable energy sources and half of it coming from food handling/storing. What’s more, anywhere from 30-40% of the food that is processed and shipped around the country goes to waste.

All that energy usage, just to throw nearly half of it out.

Supporting local food options reduces energy use from agriculture, production, storage, and handling by preventing the need for mass distribution and everything that goes along with it.

3. Boost the Local Economy in Collin County, TX

A tangible impact of buying local food is the boost to your local economy. By buying food produced and sold in Collin County, TX, the money you spend on your food will circulate in Collin County, TX. The better a local economy, the better the resources are in that area. Consider schools, job opportunities, salaries, and tax revenue when you think of local economic benefits.

Keeping money circulating in your local economy is beneficial to small businesses and farmers, but also beneficial to the community. When businesses do well in your area, economic growth and opportunity stem from that support. When you purchase your food at a national supermarket or have it shipped from out of state, your money is being sent away to boost another economy, in another area.

Buying farm to table is a great way to support local businesses, help out your neighbor, and contribute to building your town’s community.

4. Know What Food is on Your Table: Quality & Practices

Quality, quality, quality.

This is a huge benefit of buying locally grown produce or farm to table meat. When you know where your food comes from, you can investigate the practices of that establishment and feel good about the quality of your food. Knowing where and how your food is produced is especially beneficial if you’re interested in sourcing food without harmful chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

You can also be sure that your vegetables are as fresh as possible and that your meat is ethically sourced when you know who grew the veggies or who farmed the cattle. For more detailed information on ethical meat production and widespread practices that are common in the industry, check out this article.

Farm to Table Grass Fed Beef | Sourced Near Dallas/Fort Worth

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