4 Benefits of Buying from Farm to Table Companies

Farm to table food offers many benefits to the consumer and the farmer, giving us the opportunity to get back to our roots, fuel our bodies organically, and support our community.

In a world of fast food and processed groceries, it can often be difficult to source quality food and trust that it’s as “organic” as it claims to be. As Americans become more health conscious, we’re starting to realize what’s in our food – or to the contrary – what we don’t know is in our food. With farm to table food, the benefit is an increased understanding of where our food comes from and what it contains.

Read on to learn 4 far-reaching benefits of filling your home with farm to table groceries and why buying locally sourced food doesn’t have to be a scavenger hunt.

Increased Health Benefits

Farm to table foods provide more health benefits than their processed counterparts. Locally grown and distributed, farm to table often contains increased vitamins and fewer additives, making them the more natural and organic choice.
Take grass-fed beef, for instance. Grass-fed beef is an alternative to grain-fed beef, which references the way the livestock is raised before they are moved on to produce the red meat American’s consume in droves.

Grass-fed beef contains increased amounts of vitamins A, E, B & five times as much omega-3 as grain-fed beef.
Omega-3s contribute to a wide variety of health benefits, ranging from helping to fight inflammation to improved mental function.

Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef Compared to Grain Fed:

Less Saturated FatReduced Risk of Heart Disease
Increased AntioxidantsProtects Against Free Radicals – Cause of
More Omega-3’sPrevent Auto-Immune Disease & Stroke
Fewer CaloriesBetter for Weight Regulation/Loss
Hormone/Antibiotic FreeNatural Alternative

Farm to table foods produced with fewer preservatives and pesticides, combined with optimal farming, work together to create nutrient-dense foods that are better for our health.

Better Quality & Taste

Farm to table options have the benefit of tasting better because they are grown and sourced locally. This allows food to be grown and harvested in ideal time frames and in ideal weather conditions. This contributes to the nutrient quality and the freshness of the products, improving their taste.
With regard to meat, many farms provide a better quality of life for animals than the conditions of a feed mill.

These better conditions produce better quality meat. It’s been realized that poor conditions for animals result in heightened stress levels that affect the meat within their bodies through loss of a carbohydrate called glycogen. Extreme loss of glycogen in animals can result in mass amounts of food waste from unusable meat. The meat than can be salvaged often does not taste as good as meat from animals that do not suffer from extreme stress.

Less Saturated Fat Reduced Risk of Heart Disease Increased Antioxidants Protects Against Free Radicals – Cause of Cancer More Omega-3’s Prevent Auto-Immune Disease & Stroke Fewer Calories Better for Weight Regulation/Loss Hormone/Antibiotic Free Natural Alternative Freshness of produce, as well as animal conditions, greatly affect the taste of the food we consume. Fewer additives and less accountability for widespread distribution also contribute to a more natural and flavor-rich food product.

Better for the Environment

Farm to table food can be beneficial to the environment for many reasons. Because of local distribution, farm to table companies and delivery systems use less fuel to transport produce or meat to their designated locations. This lessened travel and distribution creates less air pollution and use of fossil fuel.

Smaller farms can also easily practice sustainable methods that contribute to their overall pollution through production. Their smaller scale allows them to be less environmentally impactful than larger complexes, with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Buying local groceries also keep small farmlands open and free from industrialization. By helping keep the small farms in your area alive and well, they run less of a risk of losing sustainability and potentially losing their land. The open spaces and natural elements of small farms provide biodiversity in our ever-urbanizing world. This biodiversity works to keep our air fresh, our lands healthy, and our eco-systems balanced.

Boosts Your Local Economy

Lastly, farm to table companies create the perfect segue to buying local and supporting your community. Sourcing your groceries from farm to table companies is like bringing the farmer’s market to your front door. By doing this, you help to circulate money in your area, boosting your local economy, benefitting your neighbor, and servicing your community.

Not only does buying local help to keep money within your community but keeping small farms in business help to keep jobs in your area. Increased opportunity allows for money to be made and circulated, perpetuating a strong local economy cycle. As economy and opportunity grow, services begin to grow as well. In time, you’re benefitting your school systems, your road systems, and your health systems with the increase in tax dollars.

It can be beneficial to think of any added cost you may incur as increased nutritional benefit, but also a few extra dollars to fund the quality of the community you call home.

Farm to Table Delivery in Collin County, Texas

The struggle with buying local and eating healthier typically correlates with two things. One – a higher cost – and two – difficulty sourcing. Buying from farm to table companies reduces the need to go to several grocers to find your foods of choice, while bringing you products you know you can trust.

At Trusted Table, we’re committed to offering healthy food choices that keep community alive. We believe in quality, locality, and ease of access, delivering great local foods – right to your door. We want to bring the best quality beef to families in Collin County, TX and know that through our mission, we can benefit all parts of the community.

We know the struggle of the farmer to stay afloat and the family to eat healthy foods. With our farm to table delivery service, we hope to solve an issue of connectivity, in a time when connecting has been so difficult.

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