How to Wow Your Friends with an Amazing Summer Cookout

It’s been nearly two years since we could gather with friends worry-free and enjoy good food and conversation. As the weather is at an all time high, cookouts are officially back in session.

After all this waiting, get ready to wow your friends with a cookout they’ll love! Use our Cookout Checklist to plan the perfect backyard event for your friends or family with ease.

Read along for help planning the perfect barbeque meal that’s sure to have your cookout be the talk of the summer. After this, get ready to position yourself as the hostess for all backyard barbeques to come!

1. Plan Your Cookout Menu: Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Steak, Oh, My!

To have a well-balanced and complimentary meal, begin by choosing the main course you will prepare for your cookout. Think about your guests and determine which type of meat would best fit your group.

For cookouts with more children, hot dogs and hamburgers will probably go over best. If you’re looking for an upscale barbeque setting, go with a higher quality cut of meat like steak.

After you know what style of meat you want to serve your guests, you can then begin to plan the rest of your meal around it. Ask yourself, what kind of sides would your guests enjoy at your cookout? Consider anyone that may have vegan or vegetarian preferences and make sure to accommodate them as well. Potato salad is a crowd favorite during the summer, along with baked beans, and a summer veggie mix. You can ask your friends to bring their own sides with a potluck setting, or you can prepare several sides yourself and only ask your friends to bring their happy summer energy. For a full list of summer cookout sides, check out these 55 summer BBQ side dishes.

Once you have your menu planned out, begin to shop for great meat to serve the great people you’ve invited into your home.

2. Feed Your Guests Quality Farm to Table Meat

Farm to table meat is the best option you can feed your friends or family. Whether you’re looking for sirloin, rib-eye, or grass fed beef for top of the line hamburgers, farm to table options are going to be the highest quality meat you can serve.

Because it’s from the farm and locally sourced, you can guarantee that the meat you buy will be fresher and better tasting than any meat you can buy at your grocery store. Not only will your guests enjoy the food you’ve served them for the taste and quality, but feeding them farm to table meat shows you care about the food they put in their body. Farm to table companies typically have better practices for raising and sourcing their meat, making these options the leanest cut and most organic option you can buy.

3. Feel Good about Your Selection & Buy Local Grass Fed Beef

While your cookout sides are important, we all know the main course is the hit of the evening. Prepare to impress by only feeding your friends the highest quality, organic meat you can buy—while benefiting your local community.

Because farm to table grass fed beef or steak has to literally come from the farm, you can really only source from farms within your region. When you do this, you’re boosting your local economy by supporting the farmer, the delivery driver, and everyone in between that helped bring that grade-A meat to fruition.

The awareness for supporting small businesses and being cognizant of where you spend your money is growing. If you can keep money circulating in your community and purchase high-caliber meat, it’s really a win-win situation.

If not for the economy, focus on grass fed beef for its many other claims like increased health benefits with higher nutrient content and the environmental benefits that come from raising grass fed cattle over corn fed cattle.

4. Sit Back and Let Trusted Table Supply Your Collin County Cookout

You know what you’re serving, you know you want high quality options but now, where should you buy it?

Trusted Table is a farm to table beef supplier that serves the Collin County, TX area. If you’re in or around Collin County, you can easily purchase your 100% grass fed & grass finished meat options from Trusted Table and sit back and relax. With our efficient delivery service, you can schedule your delivery right to your home, right when you will need it.

From then, all you have to do is worry about cooking and hosting!

5. Why Trusted Table?

Trusted Table not only makes buying and receiving your organic beef a breeze, but we truly care about your family and the quality of food they consume. As a true Texan family business ourselves, we value the relationships we make in our community and want to give back as much as we can. We believe in providing our fellow Texans with healthy and delicious food options that we would want to feed our own family. Our beef contains no growth hormones or antibiotics and the cattle are raised right here in Texas!

We began our company with the intent to raise cattle in the most sustainable way possible, while doing what we can for those in our community that are in need. We are currently in the process of initiating campaigns throughout Collin County that will provide meals to organizations in our area. Know that when you source your meat from our prime selection, you will be helping uplift others, right here at home.

For more information on our cattle raising or meat delivery process, reach out to us and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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